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EUROAMERICA S A Port Complex with more than 30 years’ experience providing port services to the maritime international trade, have three operative multipurpose terminals located on the right bank of the Paraná de Las Palmas river, at Campana city, Buenos Aires province

EUROAMERICA Terminal at Km 98 MARIPASA Terminal at Km 96 and TAJIBER Terminal at Km 92

Specialized on different type of cargoes such as General, Reefer Frozen, Project, Containers Bulk and Ro Ro, we focus on offering tailor made services for each of our clients


EUROAMERICA is connected with open ocean through the River Plate, using the access channel to Buenos Aires, then the Emillio Mitre channel and Paraná de Las Palmas river up to Km 98. Also connected with the Paraná up-river ports, and those in Paraguay and Bolivia through the Paraná-ParaguayWaterway.

It is strategically located at Campana city, being the first port on the Paraná river, thus the closest to the ocean, and closer than Buenos Aires to the production centers. It is linked with the north, west and south hinterland through the RN-9 highway and RP-6 route at 1km from the terminal, also the Nuevo Central Argentino and Belgrano Cargas railway are inside the terminal.


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Contacto Email: RRHH@euroamerica.com.ar | Teléfono: 03489-400400